Toolkit for BPM Initiative/Project Management

BPM Toolkit for Business Process Management

Practical Document Templates and Excel Based BPM Planning and Analysis Tools for:

  • Project Planning, Project Prioritzation
  • Aligning projects to business goals
  • Capturing process metrics/process requirements
  • Calculating return on Investment (ROI)
  • Creating a great business case
  • Speeding vendor evaluation
  • more...

   Templates follow a proven set of steps/approach.

Based on 12+ years of BPM consulting,  the BPM Toolkit is a proven set of Microsoft Office based templates and tools to help plan, manage and implement successful BPM initiatives and projects. Used in a variety of diverse organizations including Higher Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Financial Services.

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Instant download.  Requires MSFT Office.

Complete BPM Initiative Toolkit


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BPM Program Mngmt. Toolkit


For managers charged with developing and implementing a process improvement program. Select the right processes, build a strong business case, know your ROI. Developed by BPM experts to save you time and help guide you to success.

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BPM Vendor Evaluation Toolkit


Need to select a BPM Software vendor? Get unbiased research, selection tools and a best practice method for qualifying and selecting the right vendor.

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BPM Project Mngmt. Toolkit


If you are a project manager responsible for one or more process improvement initiatives, you'll find these tools will help you with the nuts and bolts of the management of a BPM project, from requirements capture through deployment, with emphasis or repeat success with each process.

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Ideal for:

  • Business Analysts
  • Program Managers / PMO staff
  • Process Managers, Project Managements  
  • BPM Consultants
  • Others process improvement specialists


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